About VoxHumans
VoxHumans was founded with a singular mission - To help people support each other.
We human beings are the only species that can express our feelings and emotions. We can share what we are feeling in our heart and mind, or keep it hidden inside. When we don't share our feelings, sometimes it is because we are not even sure if it is appropriate to feel the way we are feeling. Sometimes it is because we are not sure how our feelings will be received. Suppressing our feelings makes us withdrawn, sullen, angry, resentful, fearful, or just in pain - and none of this can be shared.
Anonymity provides a mechanism for us to share our feelings. Anonymity means that no one knows our identity and background. Whether we are man/woman, old/young, affluent/impoverished, etc., is irrelevant. This makes us more willing to share without fear or concern. What matters is the content of the feelings we’ve shared. Someone reading it has to react to what was said, not who said it. Through the mechanism of anonymity, the interaction becomes open, genuine, and honest. As more people participate, each can see the unique and individual reasons for a shared emotion. This realization of our shared uniqueness and commonality, leads to empathy for the other, and compassion for the self.
However, anonymity has several drawbacks. Without any identifying information, someone can be vulgar or offensive in their posts. Someone can be rude or harsh in their replies. Someone can harass and bully vulnerable users. What’s needed are tools so that a user can easily flag inappropriate content and replies, and block hostile interactions.
VoxHumans was created to safely and securely enable sharing and dialog, with all the appropriate tools readily available to a user. We are passionately dedicated to our mission of helping people support each other.
Because we feel this is so important, we invite you to join us on the journey.