What is the mission of VoxHumans?
VoxHumans' mission is to help humans support each other. Only humans can express their true feelings to each other. But we often hesitate to share our deepest emotions. We worry whether and how these emotions will be accepted by others. Sometimes we are not sure if these feelings are appropriate, if everyone has them. Therefore, we do not say anything, and keep our feelings locked inside. We miss a chance to connect, share and support each other. VoxHumans provides a way to change this cycle.
Why is being anonymous a good thing?
When you are anonymous, the feelings you express are more important than your identity or background. People have to react to the emotion you express, not whether it is appropriate or acceptable for you to have these feelings.
Why should I share my feelings?
Being able to express our feelings and emotions is what makes us human. When we cannot share our feelings, positive or negative, we become resentful, scared, and angry. Often, just giving voice to our feelings is enough to make us feel better – because another person witnessed and acknowledged what we felt inside. Ideally, of course, when we share our feelings we want to receive consideration, warmth, and empathy.
Why should I share my feelings through VoxHumans?
VoxHumans allows you to share your feelings anonymously, while managing the disadvantages that come with anonymity. You can see the feelings that people around you have shared anonymously. You can see the multitude of reasons that generate the same feeling - of love, surprise, joy or of grief, remorse, contempt - in others. You control your dialogs - so if someone is rude, you can easily block them from further conversation. You learn compassion for yourself and gain empathy for other human beings.
How can I be sure that VoxHumans is anonymous?
VoxHumans does not require you to register with your email address or phone number to use the App. When you upload a photograph to the App, you can easily anonymize the people in that photo. No one can identify your location, since it is randomized while posting. VoxHumans has been designed to be completely anonymous to let you focus on sharing your true feelings and emotions.
How do I post a Vox?
When you open the VoxHumans App, you are on the I'm Feeling… screen. From this screen, you tap and select the emotion that you are feeling at the moment. Next, you add a previously taken photo or take a photo with your camera. Or you can add a pre-prepared Sketch that illustrates your feelings. You then add context by using words to explain your current state of mind. For a photo, you can then anonymize any personally identifiable information by adding blur or a black stripe across the information. Finally, you tap on Post to see your Vox on a map, along with the Voxes of other people around you.
Who can see the Vox I posted?
Your Vox can be seen by anyone who is near you in their Map View (i.e., Nearby). While people around you will know someone near them has posted a Vox, no one will know your exact location since the Vox coordinates are randomized before posting on the map. Your Vox can also be seen by users who have subscribed to the #emotion of your Vox (e.g., #Happy). They will be able to see your Vox in their List and Card Views (i.e., Subscription). Finally, all users can see your Vox by tapping on your selected emotion (e.g., #Happy) in Explore View.
Why does VoxHumans show Voxes around me?
The Voxes around you are reminders that you are not alone with your feelings. It is a reminder that you are surrounded by other human beings who have a fascinating set of emotions, which would otherwise not be accessible to anyone.
Why are there no Comments in VoxHumans? What is a Dialog?
VoxHumans is designed for you to have control of the conversation around your feelings and emotions, as people react to your Voxes. With a Comment thread you have no control, since a new comment can redirect the conversation by reacting to a previous comment, not to your original post . In VoxHumans, when you post a Vox, you engage in one-to-one Dialogs with other Users. The first person starts a Dialog and you can reply. A second person will start a second Dialog with you. Any User can see all your Dialogs, but no User can interject in your Dialog with someone else. If someone has something to say, they have to start a new Dialog with you.
How do I respond to a Vox?
Tap on a Vox in List or Card View. You will arrive at the Detail View, where you can see all Dialogs and Endorsements for that Vox. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a text box with the text, "Start a Dialog". Tap in the box, write your message, and hit Send to start your dialog with the User who posted that Vox. You can continue this Dialog once you receive a response. Meanwhile, you can read all other Dialogs for that Vox, and endorse any reply in those conversations. You just cannot interject your own comment in someone's Dialog.
What if I see an inappropriate Vox?
You can flag an inappropriate Vox and send it to a Moderator for review. You have to pick the flag category when you flag the Vox. These categories include Mature Content, Incitement to Violence, Hate Speech, Defamation, Fighting Words or Other.
How is flagged content managed with VoxHumans?
Every Vox that is flagged is reviewed by a Moderator who decides whether to confirm the flag, or whether to unflag the Vox.
Why can't I endorse or flag my own Voxes?
VoxHumans is designed for human interaction. You cannot endorse or flag your own Voxes.
How do I block a User who is rude, or bullying or harassing me?
If you have posted the Vox, and a User in a dialog with you is being rude or bullying, you can block them by Ending the Dialog. Go to the specific dialog screen and tap on Edit on the top right of the screen. You will see an option to End the Dialog. Select that option, and then confirm that you want to End the Dialog. The blocked User cannot contact you any more. Because VoxHumans is anonymous, the blocked User cannot track and identify your next Vox.

If you are in a dialog with someone else on their Vox, and they are rude or bullying in their reply, you can flag their reply. Go to the specific Dialog screen and tap on Edit on the top right of the screen. You will see an option to Flag Reply of that User. Select the reply you want to flag and confirm your choice. Now the selected reply is blocked from viewing for all users within VoxHumans.
I now regret something I said in a Dialog. Can I delete my reply?
Yes, you can only delete your own replies. Go to the specific Dialog screen and tap on Edit in the top right of the screen. You will see the option to Delete Reply. Select the reply you want to Delete and confirm your choice. Your reply will then be deleted. Deleted replies cannot be undeleted.
How do I delete a Vox that I have posted?
You cannot delete your Voxes. You are anonymous - no one can identify and link you with your previous or future posts.
How do I contact another User within VoxHumans?
VoxHumans is designed for anonymity. While we cannot prevent you from sharing your personal information - your phone number, email or address - we trust that you will not do so for your own safety and security.
Subscriptions, Sharing and Score
What Voxes are displayed in List and Card View?
You see two kinds of Voxes in your List and Card View. Voxes that are posted near you are listed with the tag, Nearby. Emotions that you are subscribed to, are listed with the tag, Subscription, and could be posted by any user, anywhere.
How do I subscribe to an #Emotion?
There are three ways you could subscribe to an #Emotion. First, when you post a Vox, you are automatically subscribed to the #Emotion you pick from the I'm Feeling... screen. Second, when you start a Dialog with another User on their Vox, you are subscribed to the #Emotion for that Vox. Third, you can tap on the plus sign on the bottom left of the Map/List/Card View screens and manage your subscriptions. You can also access your Subscriptions by selecting Menu > Activity > Subscriptions. From the manage Subscription screen, you can swipe left on an existing subscription to delete it. Or you can tap on the Add New control, search for an emotion, and add it to your subscriptions.
How do I see emotions that are not in my Subscription list?
You can see emotions that are not in your Subscription list by tapping on the Globe icon to the right of the Map/List/Card View screen. Displayed here in Explore View, are Voxes for all 24 emotions, and you can explore Voxes from outside your Subscription list. If you tap on the dual screen icon next to the Explore View screen, you are back at the Map/List/Card View.
The emotion I am feeling is not listed on the I'm Feeling... screen. How do I add a new emotion?
You can post using new emotions that are not listed on the I'm Feeling... screen. Start by picking the closest emotion from the I'm Feeling... screen. Then add your emotion with a hashtag (#) when posting text for that Vox. Now that new emotion is available through the Add New control in the manage Subscription screen. If you add the new emotion to your Subscriptions, you will see Voxes posted by other users with the same hashtag.
What does my Score represent on the Activity Screen?
Your score is the sum of all points from your activity in VoxHumans.
What does my Rank represent on the Activity Screen?
Your rank represents your position in points relative to all other Users in VoxHumans. For example, with your point Score you are 20th among all Users.
How do I get points?
You get points for any activity. You get points for posting a Vox, endorsing a Vox, engaging in a dialog, sharing a Vox, flagging a Vox, and so on.
How do I share a Vox?
You can share a Vox in many different ways - to Facebook and Twitter or via Mail or Message. While you disclose that you are using the VoxHumans App, in each case, the default text makes it clear that you are posting anonymous content from VoxHumans.
What does the Moderator do?
When a Vox is flagged, Users are notified and the Vox is send to the Moderator for review. In addition, the Vox is no longer displayed to Users. The Moderator reviews flagged Voxes and decides whether to confirm the flag or to unflag the Vox. If the flag is confirmed, Users are notified of the decision, and the Vox is deleted. If the Vox is unflagged, then Users are also notified, dialogs can resume for that Vox, and it is restored in the App.
What are the principles used by the Moderator on flagged Voxes?
The Moderator reviews the flagged Vox for content that violates our Terms of Service. However, VoxHumans retains the right to delete a Vox for any reason whatsoever.
I have an idea for a new feature. How do I provide feedback?
Thank you for thinking of the new feature. Please send email to